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Vancouver 4/20 returns in all its blazing glory with magic mushroom sales, live music

The event returned after a two-year pandemic hiatus

After a two-year pandemic hiatus, Vancouver’s famed 4/20 protest is back in all its blazing glory.

Stoners from the four corners of Canada descended on the Vancouver Art Gallery to enjoy all things cannabis. This year’s celebration featured over 100 vendors selling every kind of cannabis imaginable.

A new feature of the 28-year event was the growing presence of magic mushrooms. There’s a growing movement in Vancouver to establish mushroom dispensaries — similar to the model that was used for illicit cannabis dispensaries prior to legalization.

For Pratty Vastban, being back at Vancouver 4/20 was a great feeling.

“It’s so good. This is the best ever,” she said.

That sentiment was shared by Vancouver hip-hop artist Kass 1. He’s no stranger to the event, having performed twice at Vancouver 4/20 in the past.

“It’s amazing to be back. It’s a great atmosphere and it’s so good to have everyone come together,” he said.

Dana Larsen, a long-time cannabis advocate and a founder of Vancouver 4/20 told the crowd that although the day was a celebration of cannabis and the freedoms Canadians enjoy by being able to purchase and consume cannabis legally, there’s still a long way to go.

“What we have done in Vancouver as activists and members of the cannabis culture to push for our freedom and liberty has changed Canada and it is changing the world. Vancouver is a beacon of hope and freedom for those who love cannabis.”

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