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VIDEO: Handful of Chilliwack voters weigh in with 2021 election priorities

They also talk about what it’s like to vote during a global pandemic

Chilliwack citizens had a range of reasons for voting, and a handful were willing to chat about issues after casting their ballots at Evergreen Hall.

They also shared their take on voting during a pandemic.

Nancy Piper had a simple answer as to why she came out to vote in 2021.

“Justin Trudeau has got to go,” Piper said, “and voting in the pandemic is not a good thing.”

Pam Evans said she felt it was her civic duty to cast her vote despite any pandemic challenges.

“What brought me out today? I don’t know, my civic duty, I think. I felt I had to.

“As far as voting in a pandemic, you just vote, you just do it. If you don’t vote you got no reason to bitch. So there!”

For Shirwyn Dalgliesh, the main issue is his general dissatisfaction with the Liberals’ performance in government.

“They seem to be taking a lot of policy decisions based on what sounds good, rather than what’s effective. It’s not the job of the government to do something; it’s the job of government to do the right thing,” Dalgliesh said.

Voting during a pandemic was not an issue for him.

Gary Abbott came out to vote on Monday because “not enough” is being done about climate change.

“Especially with the TMX (pipeline) that Canada bought, it’ll just be reversing any progress on climate change.”

Being asked to vote “during a pandemic was the worst possible time,” he said. “There was still two years left, and it was just stupidity.”

Anne Alendal said in terms of priorities, she came out to vote “for the farmers,” and that voting during a pandemic didn’t really bother her.

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