Apologies to council needed

Letter writer hopes residents will recognize their honesty and integrity

Re: New bridge slated for Hope (Sept. 26)

It was so nice to read that there is ample money left over from the Kawkawa Lake Bridge budget surplus to fund the new Suckers Creek Bridge.

The replacement of this bridge is needed just as much as the Kawkawa Lake Bridge was. My hope is that those of you who were so vocally opposed to the construction of the Kawkawa Lake Bridge and who called into question the integrity, thinking and intentions of then mayor Laurie French and council, and forced a referendum at our (the taxpayers) cost, will be just as vocal in their apology to Mr. French and council as the proof of their honesty and integrity is now obvious to all.

I don’t expect that there will be any apologies, but I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Mike Adams