Beware of possible computer scams

In recent weeks our company has received numerous calls from customers questioning the legitimacy of a computer company.

As described to me the call will begin with an introduction and then a claim that either Microsoft, or the customers Internet service provider has contacted their company to address an issue which apparently lies within your computer.

They ask for permission to connect to your computer to solve the problem and will generally connect without asking for payment.

If you agree, the company proceeds to plant software on your computer which it uses to seemingly convince you that there is a problem at which time they offer to fix for a fee.

This is entirely a scam and if you receive this type of call you should hang up immediately.

Microsoft, Telus and Shaw are not in the business of monitoring computers for signs of trouble beyond knowing if a system is using excessive bandwidth.

Both Telus and Shaw will contact a customer by email to inform them that their computer is suspected of being infected but do not offer to fix the issue and will generally threaten to cut off your service if you do not have the problem resolved.

If you suspect that you have a problem after receiving this type of call you should immediately disconnect from the Internet and run a virus scan on your system.

If you have allowed these people on your system and you suspect you have more problems than before, DO NOT CALL THEM BACK.

The problem now lies in the software they left behind and is part of the scam to take more money from you.

The best advice at this point is to contact a trusted, qualified technician to resolve the problems.


Angus MacDonald