Economic future doesn’t look bright

Reader is starting to the doubt quality of leadership in government

I am starting to seriously doubt the quality of leadership in our government and their leader in the corporations owned by the government.

Let me explain. There are whispers in the air of B.C. Hydro raising their rates – their reason being to fix the aging “dams and power lines.”

My question is: how come B.C. Hydro did not maintain their systems properly over the years? It could be that millions have gone to lone shareholders general accounts that could have been used for proper maintenance by B.C. Hydro.

Secondly, how can the money losing B.C. Ferries explain the $300 so called “Safety Bonus” to their employees while raising their fares so high that ferry users can’t no longer afford them?

Furthermore, how can our premier, who lost the general election, consciously go to a democratically elected person and ask him to give up his seat in parliament, causing a very costly byelection? But then again the wishes of the electorate never did mean much anyway, did they?

In the meanwhile, our premier is rambling about our bright economic future and our unemployment rate has been around six to seven per cent for years.

So who is the economic future so bright for? Is it the big international corporations or the average population whose cost of living is going up every day with no end in sight?

As a senior citizen who is trying to survive on my very low Old Age Pension I am beginning to wonder how long I can “grin and bare it.”

Eric Holopainen,