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Grocery store music too loud

Some customers and young employees agree that the music needs to be turned down

While shopping at either of Jim Pattison’s Overwaitea Food Group (OFG) stores here in Hope, I usually “hightail” it out as fast as I can due to the high volume of what is questionably called “music.”

Debatable as that may be, I have asked a few friends and customers, elders being the majority, and even some young employees who agree that the music needs to be turned down.

When I called OFG, the woman told me that the person in charge of purchasing this marketed music was on holiday but that the customers have the power if they ask the manager nicely to have this done.

I did so but nothing was done. It’s still as loud as ever. If you find it annoying, please contact the manager of your favourite store or perhaps, like me, you will shop elsewhere. Too bad, as Hope would like to keep its customers here, I hear.

Ruth Renwick,

Hope, B.C.