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LETTER: ‘Disenchanted’ with Hope due to restaurant’s behaviour

Where are the people who care about staying healthy?

We stopped at Rolly’s Restaurant on Oct. 7 and was appalled that they were not checking covid passports. I

have since contacted the Hope Mayor, bylaw officer, Fraser Health and my MLA Peter Milobar. The restaurant was still open.

I see they are having a “support to stay open” rally. Where are the people who care about staying healthy and keeping their loved ones and friends healthy? What about the travellers who trust the city fathers to keep them safe. Does no one in Hope care that a business is mocking the governments orders?

The owners of this restaurant are not going to listen to anything now that they have gotten away with ignoring the orders. They are like children who once a parent says no and continue to allow bad behaviour (same children) only carry on doing everything wrong. This business should be closed for longer than six months! I am totally disenchanted with Hope, B.C.

Yvonne Kittson

(Editor’s note: The restaurant is currently closed.)