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LETTER: Imagining a future for historic local bridge

Rail line through Hope deserves the kind of attention shown to Alexandria bridge

Re: Fraser-Hope Bridge

The Kettle Valley Railway used to run through the centre of our great town in the mid-1960s. Now just a memory but recently our council decided to recognize it by erecting dedication markers throughout the route.

In following this signage the other day I was led to the Hope-Fraser Bridge where the Kettle Valley Railway crossed over the Fraser River.

What a disappointment. The rail line originally ran under the roadway and now all that’s left is a damaged security fence and a rusted scaffolding and underpinning structure. What a let down.

I understand that the Alexandra Bridge further north on Highway 1 has been approved for substantial upgrading and renovations. Great idea. It’s part of B.C. history.

But very much also is the Kettle Valley Railway and I feel that a good way to recognize this would be to smarten up our own bridge crossing at relatively low costs (government grants?).

A secure deck could be installed, exterior railings for protection and then open to the public for recreational use. Maybe include a couple of balconies to encourage fishermen. If Alexandra Bridge can do it, why not us?

As it is right now, the only ones accessing the pathway are children who cross from one side to the other. There have been serious accidents over the years so the time is right for some form of positive action.

Wes Chaulk