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Letter: Treatment Indigenous man faced at Chilliwack Library was ignorant, arrogant

Hope resident Mike Wilson said he faced prejudice and discrimination at the Chilliwack Library, as security guards told him to leave and followed him out Friday, Nov. 2. Emelie Peacock/Hope Standard


I feel that the library incident that Mike Wilson suffered last week was an ignorant and arrogant action. Perhaps it wasn’t racially motivated. Perhaps he was given the ‘bum’s rush” because that’s what they thought he was. (Before political correctness became rampant, that’s what homeless folks were called).

Chilliwack does have a homeless problem, as we do here also, but they really went too far. Mike is a friendly, kind and gentle person but obviously, they weren’t about to listen to what he had to say.

So sorry Mike, but the world is full of jerks.

Judy Green


Hope man says he faced racial discrimination from security guards at Chilliwack Library

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