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LETTER: Up to us to stop firewood sales during fire ban

Why allow firewood sales when there is a total fire ban in effect?


RE: Report of firewood sales in Hope by some local businesses.

Teri Gougeon of Sunshine is so correct when she states the obvious. Why allow firewood sales when there is a total fire ban in effect?

I’m an ex-camper and used to much enjoy sitting around a controlled fire as and when permitted, but at this time with forest fire dangers increasing daily, such wood purchases are for one reason only. Just not acceptable.

There may well not be a bylaw or mandate to cover this situation but I imagine our Chamber of Commerce are doing their best to talk to retailers in question.

Maybe the ultimate answer is in the power of the shopping public, by us advising these retailers very clearly where their moral obligation lies. The terrible tragedy in Lytton and elsewhere is only too fresh in memory.

On a related note, there appears to be quite a few homeowners who still don’t respect the current lawn watering bylaw. Driving through town one can regularly see sprinklers operating during the day, completely ignoring the official Stage 3 bylaw timelines.

Our water is a very precious commodity and it’s a disgrace to think that some are so self-centered they feel their lawn comes before the well-being of Hope citizenry.

If there is anyone not aware of current watering guidelines, how about a quick call to district hall for determination. We could be heading into Stage 4 restrictions in the near future so let’s see more brown grass for a while. Later, rains will bring it back to life with little or no harm done.

Wes Chaulk

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