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Rethink FVRD split

Regarding the initiative by the local chamber of commerce for Abbotsford to withdraw from the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) I think that they should think again.

The land and its communities both large and small that the FVRD represents covers a vast area.

Without the FVRD, Metro Vancouver would become an even bigger bully. Large corporations and businesses would do even more harm to the environment than they are currently doing.

This large area needs one voice or ‘united we stand divided we fall,’ is a saying that comes to mind.

Could the bigger agenda be in freeing us up so that we can becom a member of Metro Vancouver (MV) to be followed closely by Mission? If this were the case, the monies saved by leaving the FVRD would be small change when compared to the millions that being part of MV would cost the taxpayer – then add 10 to 12 cents a litre on gas.

Gary Huntbatch