Transfer station mess needs to be addressed

Garbage pile has cardboard and blue bags dispersed throughout

What happens to our recycling?

Approximately a week ago, I was at the local landfill – or transfer station as it is now called – to drop off cardboard for recycling. While there, I noticed a long pile of garbage that had cardboard and blue bags dispersed throughout. Alongside the garbage was a pile of blue bags also with cardboard.

I asked an employee if they still recycled cardboard and he replied that they did. But he said that he didn’t know why both blue bags and cardboard were in the garbage. When I was leaving, I saw an employee use a small tractor to push the blue bags along the cement to make room for more deliveries. Some of the bags were torn with their contents spilling out and moving them in this manner only aggravated the situation.

I take my cardboard to the transfer station because I saw a First Class Waste employee throw my neighbour’s cardboard in with the garbage. As a person who recycles and attempts to do my best to preserve our planet for future generations, I felt very insulted and my efforts at recycling to be disrespected.

I believe our former council (and some of those councillors are on the new council) gave First Class Waste a mandate to operate the transfer station. First Class Waste knows the regulations regarding garbage disposal and recycling, but are they following those regulations? Who is overseeing this company and their operations at the transfer station?

I hope our new District of Hope council does something to improve this situation.

Arlene Webster,