U.S. trade policy doesn’t benefit our industry

Canadian companies have done an exceptional job in providing and supplying wireless service

Re: Feds support policies that increase competition, Letters (Sept. 12)

In response to Mark Strahl’s letter in regard to supporting increased competition in the wireless industry, I would like to ask how is creating a race to the bottom just to support American trade policy support our industry? Our wireless providers in Canada have done an exceptional job in providing and supplying wireless service to an area substantially larger than the U.S. with 10 percent of their potential revenue.

This is how we encourage and reward innovative pioneering Canadian companies by giving away our market to large American corporations who already have a potential revenue base 10 times greater than Telus, Rogers, and Bell.

As far as Mr. Strahl’s claim that they are limited to five per cent of the 700MHz spectrum, that’s because that five per cent is where all the revenue is, and the same old story the Canadian companies are left holding the bag for the less lucrative areas, while the new competitor gets to cherry pick with our infrastructure. That’s fair – fair for them.

As well, I can’t believe that Mr. Strahl believes that it was the Conservative government’s policies of 2008 that spiked the growth of the North American wireless industry. I mean, really, Mexico, too? What were these driving forces of imaginative Canadian foreign policy? I missed it.

Art Green,