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VIDEO: B.C. man shatters Guinness record for slalom soccer dribbling

Daniel Mazey celebrated his 36th birthday in unique fashion: by setting a Guinness world record.

Daniel Mazey celebrated his 36th birthday in unique fashion: by setting a Guinness world record.

The Courtenay resident wanted Feb. 18, 2023, to be a date he’d remember forever. Mission accomplished.

On Saturday morning at Woodcote Park, surrounded by family, friends, timers and witnesses, Mazey set the Guinness Book of Records world record for the fastest 20-cone slalom dribbling a soccer ball.

He said the reason for attempting the record is simple.

“It’s a childhood dream,” said Mazey. “Everyone picks up the book and sees all those cool records, and it would just be cool to have a record. The last couple of years have been not a whole lot of fun, with COVID going on, so I needed something fun to spice up my life and put a smile on my face. And it’s my birthday. I am 36 and now I am doing my childhood dream.”

The standing Guinness record for the feat is 17.05 seconds, set in 2020. Mazey shattered it, posting a time of 15.78 seconds.

“I knew I was in the 15-to-16-second mark. I have done better timing myself (while practising) but it’s still good enough for today,” he said.

Mazey followed Guinness protocol, with two official timers, two official witnesses (although several people were on hand), and three videos, all taken from different angles - including a body camera - to ensure the feat was completed properly.

According to Guinness rules, only three attempts are allowed. The world record was set on Mazey’s second attempt. He said that removed a lot of pressure.

“That’s one of the things - you always want to get it on your first attempt. Obviously, the nerves got the better of me (on the first attempt), but we had one good attempt in there and at the end of the day that’s all you need to break the record. So getting it on the second attempt was a little bit of weight off my shoulders. Feels good.

“I still have to get it checked, so it’s (unofficial), but it looks like a good run, so hopefully they agree. There were a few nerves going into it, but I am glad it’s done. Practise, practise, practise does pay off.”

Mazey figures the record will eventually be broken.

“Well, soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and like I said, I’ve done faster in practices, so I expect somebody else can beat it, but that’s all part of the competition.”

Mazey said he’s not finished with world record attempts.

“I have been eyeing another record… it’s a kayak event. I am looking to do the most Eskimo rolls in a minute. That record is not set yet, so hopefully, they will allow me to do it.”

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